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Goldmine Properties had been a pioneer in the real estate industry in Kuala Lumpur. Focusing mainly into commercial real estate and development lands located within the golden triangle and Klang Valley.

However in recent year, Goldmine Properties had been actively involved marketing role for new development projects building a reputable reputation as being professional, responsible and dedication as a real estate marketer to ensure our client’s real estate investment is profitable and yet sustainable.

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Our Service

To developers

  • To provide planning and development of marketing strategies to enhance project positioning.
  • To monitor market conditions and trends for the development and make recommendations for changes, if necessary.
  • To involve in developing all advertising and promotion materials.
  • To plan and execute all marketing communication approach within client’s budget.
  • To provide after sales service such as Mortgage Arrangement, re-sale of property to maintain secondary value of property etc.
Secondary Market
  • To provide knowledge in managing properties to achieve targeted revenues.
  • To introduce potential opportunities in property investment to our clients that includes disposal, acquisition, leasing or rental.

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Our Service

Through many of our experience, we had focused into these few keys areas in real estate as follows:-
  • Commercial
  • Development
  • Industrial
  • Residential

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